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Graphics Attribution

The graphics used on the Techrays Labs website are inspired by various graphics obtained from These graphics were sourced as free-to-use resources and have been modified to suit the visual aesthetics of our website. Techrays Labs acknowledges and respects the creative rights and ownership of these graphics, which remain with their individual creators.

No Claim of Rights

Techrays Labs explicitly states that it does not claim any proprietary rights or ownership over the original graphics created by individual artists and made available on The use of these graphics is solely for the purpose of enhancing the visual appeal of our website and does not imply any endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation with the creators of the original graphics.

Compliance with Freepik’s Terms

In utilizing graphics from, Techrays Labs ensures compliance with the terms of use specified by Freepik. We are committed to adhering to the licensing conditions set by the original creators and Freepik, and we encourage our users to review Freepik’s terms of use for a comprehensive understanding of the permissions and restrictions associated with the graphics used on our website.

Credit and Appreciation

Techrays Labs expresses gratitude to the talented artists who contributed to the creation of the graphics available on We believe in giving due credit to the artistic community and appreciate the valuable resources they provide to the design community at large.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of graphics on our website, please contact us at [].